About Nogin Enterprise Ecommerce Technology company

Nogin is the ecommerce growth solution every company deserves

Our company mission is to help brands compete with Big Retail without the time, expense, and headaches that come with DIY solutions. With our powerhouse, enterprise ecommerce technology and Commerce-as-a-Service (CaaS) model, we’re supercharging Shopify Plus and delivering fractional expertise that allows you to run as little or as much of your D2C business as you want.

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Ecommerce is complex. Nogin makes it easy. By delivering heavyweight technology, true personalization, and an army of D2C experts, we allow our clients to focus on the things they know best – their products and brand.

Our Values

Other ecommerce technology companies are driven by quarter-over-quarter growth. Sure, we love hitting our benchmarks, but these successes mean nothing unless we live what we believe.

Work smarter

We exist to help our clients deliver intelligent ecommerce that our clients cannot keep pace with alone. As such, we must constantly make things smarter.

Innovate or die

Innovation is creating something new that is uniquely valuable and useful. We must always keep growing, improving, and delivering the future or we will become irrelevant.

Put others first

As Nogin nerds, we support our teams and the company. As part of a team, we serve our customers who entrust us to deliver intelligent ecommerce.

Listen & understand

We deliver exponential results by understanding the needs of our clients, our company, and our teams. We are self-responsible — we own our part first and always.

Be intentional

Nogin is a rapidly growing company trying to change the world with our revolutionary ecommerce technology. We don’t have time for drama. We say what we mean, mean what we say, and treat others as we would want to be treated.

Stay curious

We are always improving, observing, and staying open to keep filling our Nogins. We must share what we know generously and ask when we don’t.

Elevate one another

We elevate each other with love and integrity. We know everyone matters in our pursuits and how we want to live on the daily. We elevate ourselves when we look at everything through the lens of our mission and vision.

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What is commerce-as-a-service?

Commerce-as-a-Service (CaaS) is a full-stack ecommerce technology package available as a service for rapid deployment and continuous optimization. Nogin’s breakthrough CaaS offerings include a customer data platform and integrated solutions for each step in the ecommerce journey, saving businesses from the massive spend and time drain of DIYing it while simultaneously empowering them to go head-to-head with bigger competitors.

Work with us

We’re looking for smart, enthusiastic people to help us change the face of ecommerce? U ready?

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Talk to a Nogin nerd

Yes, we’re ecommerce nerds, but don’t worry, we’re still relatable. And we’re passionate about helping brands like yours thrive. Schedule a conversation with us and we’ll show you how our enterprise ecommerce platform can help you grow your revenue and win D2C ecommerce.