Geoffrey Van Haeren, Nogin’s Co-Founder and Chief Technologist, has over 22 years of experience in ecommerce. Mr. Van Haeren had been Nogin’s President since October 2020 and Chief Technology Officer since inception. Prior to joining Nogin, he served as the Chief Technology Officer for CAbi Clothing where he worked with the executive team to develop and deliver a next generation SAAS based MLM platform. From January 2006 to August 2009, Mr. VanHaeren served as the Vice President of Technology for Digital River. Prior to his tenure at Digital River, Mr. VanHaeren served as the Chief Technology Officer of Commerce5, where he co- founded the company. Mr. Van Haeren is qualified to serve on the Board due to his significant experience building and scaling e-commerce software as Nogin’s President and Chief Technology Officer and because, as a founder of Nogin, he is essential to the long-term vision of the Company.