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Case study: Nogin and Reyn Spooner partner for fashion ecommerce success

Reyn Spooner

When you need help building an online presence for your brand, you want an ecommerce specialist that has both the technological solutions and the retail savvy to be a true partner in your success.

Nogin fulfills both criteria, offering innovative services tailored to each client’s specific needs. The result is a thriving ecommerce presence, as embodied by Nogin’s work with Reyn Spooner, the apparel company renowned for clothing with an “aloha spirit.”

Jeff Deisner, chief customer officer for Nogin, talks about this fruitful ecommerce collaboration that has seen great results since it was established a year and a half ago.

Q. What were Reyn Spooner’s needs when the company began working with Nogin?

A. Boosting revenue was the primary driver, but I would also say that the brand’s customer base tends to be an older demographic, typically male and also very beach minded. So how do you operate a longer-term business trying to sell to that demographic when there are a lot of other demographics as well?

They wanted to diversify into other product categories and product lines. So it was about how to do that successfully in an online store that typically caters to a specific demographic. That was the biggest challenge at that time—how to open up to other demographics in an effective way so that they still preserved the brand identity while giving themselves the opportunity to grow and diversify their customer base.

Q. What was the process to help meet Reyn Spooner’s goals?

A. We engaged them as we always do with clients, which is to understand what their pain points were and what their goals were, and devise strategies on the storefront level and also at the general market level to help them achieve those goals.

Also, and this was another challenge, we faced a lot of change within the brand over the last couple of years, both with the brand itself and the underpinning technology that supported the ecommerce business.

As we entered the engagement, we had actually experienced some turnover ourselves in our client teams, so we were faced with this challenge of developing trust with the client to make sure they knew we could perform and help them achieve their goals.

I engaged them and focused on how we could strengthen this relationship at the leadership level. I wanted to understand where their pain points were, both internally with themselves and their challenges with our team, so we could build an engagement model focused on building trust and confidence that we could deliver what we needed to.

We spent a couple of months trying to right size but doing that during the holiday season can be a challenge—it’s such an important part of a brand’s business that you can’t introduce a lot of change during the November and December time frame. We focused on getting through the end of the year and resetting the relationship—really resetting and understanding where their goals were for the future and engaging with the right people to allow us to demonstrate success and build on that success over time.

Following implementation of our ecommerce strategy and tactics, we saw even stronger performance in the store, and we could definitively say that we were aligned with the client’s strategies and could share in some great successes we’ve seen in the store month-over-month and year-over-year. Those give us a great opportunity to build upon them from here.

Q. What were some specific results?

A. The way we typically look at success is in year-over-year trends. In this case, we’ve had some really nice trends. As we look at year-to-date numbers from 2018, we were able to increase traffic to the store year-over-year by and order volume in general by significant percentages.

One off the biggest wins is that during this time we were really focused on growing the store and we’ve grown average order value as well. That’s a key part of what we were faced with because historically the brand was reliant on very deep promotions, which can be unsustainable for the business in the longer term. It doesn’t get long-term customers and it doesn’t get sustainable revenue; it just gets people in the door, they buy something and they don’t come back until they get a deep deal again. We wanted to put promotion strategies together that don’t hurt the price point and in fact can drive it higher focusing on the right products and types of customers.

In doing so, we were able to raise AOV significantly. Specifically within the traffic, one big win is that as we attribute revenue to the paid media channels, the paid social channel year-over-year is up by triple digits. The reason why that’s significant is that channel, if it’s done right, really does drive success on the other channels, because it’s very much a brand-focused advertising strategy and you get more of a connection to the brand than with a keyword search or otherwise.

Q. How does this relationship exemplify a partnership with Nogin?

A. We share in the success our clients achieve. The wins that I’ve shared really do reflect an alignment with the brand and we’re very excited about that. Many times brands don’t initially see that mutual goal we have of success in the store and might still view us as primarily a service provider. But if we truly do align on strategy for the store and a promotions strategy that’s very sustainable for the brand, we can develop a positive relationship with that brand.

Whether you’re starting from square one or optimizing an existing strategy, partner with Nogin for high-performing ecommerce solutions powered by technology tailored to the fashion industry and optimized for today’s challenging online environment.

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