Case Study


Moving from Marketplace to D2C with Nogin’s Intelligent Commerce Technology



Kijaro, a subsidiary of the international branded products company, Denovo Brands, has been a beacon of innovation and quality in the outdoor gear industry, particularly with its NFL Dual Lock Pro Chairs. While Denovo has traditionally found success selling through various marketplaces, the evolving ecommerce landscape and the desire to forge direct relationships with customers prompted a shift towards establishing its own D2C channel.

The Challenge:

Building a D2C channel from the ground up is fraught with complexities and risk, from selecting the right technology to hiring a skilled team to facilitate smooth operations. Kijaro sought to enhance its ecommerce capabilities, optimize the online shopping experience, and gain deep insights into customer behaviors and preferences, all while transitioning from a marketplace-centric sales model to a D2C approach.

The Nogin Solution:

Nogin, a pioneer in Commerce-as-a-Service (CaaS), offered its Intelligent Commerce technology and expert team to supercharge Kijaro’s D2C operations. The collaboration aimed to leverage Nogin’s comprehensive CaaS growth solution to not only advance Kijaro’s ecommerce efforts but also to drive online sales, especially of its NFL branded chairs, through a newly established D2C channel.

Key Implementations:

  • Customer Data Platform: To effectively manage and analyze customer data, ensuring personalized and enhanced customer experiences.
  • AI-Powered Customer Segmentation: Employing artificial intelligence to accurately segment customers, enabling targeted and personalized marketing and sales strategies.
  • Algorithmic Merchandising and Smart Promotion Optimization: Implementing algorithms to optimize merchandising and promotions, ensuring strategic and timely product highlighting and customer engagement.
  • Team of Fractional Experts: Nogin serves as an extension of Kijaro’s own team, providing on-demand access to seasoned specialists in key areas like conversion rate optimization, strategy, customer service, performance marketing, photography, IT, and finance.


Nogin’s technology and team enabled Kijaro to focus on delivering innovative outdoor gear while ensuring the ecommerce lifecycle was optimized for maximum results. Intelligent Commerce enabled Kijaro to:

  • Enhance Customer Experience: Through personalization and AI-powered customer segmentation, ensuring customers are engaged with resonant products and promotions.
  • Drive Sales: Utilizing advanced ecommerce capabilities to effectively target and reach a wider audience, thereby driving sales, especially of its NFL branded chairs.
  • Gain Unmatched Insights: Through detailed analytics, providing a deeper understanding of customer behaviors and preferences, which informed strategic decision-making.


The partnership between Kijaro and Nogin signifies a successful transition from primarily marketplace-based sales to establishing a thriving D2C channel. With Nogin’s end-to-end CaaS growth solution, Kijaro successfully navigated through the competitive ecommerce landscape, ensuring not only sustained growth but also an optimized and personalized online shopping experience for its customers.

“In 2009, we introduced the Kijaro brand to shake up the outdoor industry with advanced quality, technology, and customization. As the business continues to grow, partnering with Nogin provides us with proven enterprise-class ecommerce technology and expertise that will allow us to reach even more consumers while supporting renowned brands like the NFL with the innovative outdoor gear they require.” – Bryan Ford, CEO at Denovo Brands.

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