The Power of Celebrity Collaborations (How to Collab with Brands)

March 26, 2021 |
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Celebrity endorsements are as old as Pheidippides running from the town of Marathon, Greece, to Athens in 490 B.C wearing his Nike sandals, well maybe not actually Nike, but you get the drift. Celebrity brand endorsements are nothing new, and whether we like it or not, celebrity endorsements have become such a common factor in people’s daily lives that our world has become heavily influenced by their social commentary.

They are powerful, and moreover, successful. However, today’s celebrities are going beyond simple endorsements and are actually collaborating on new product lines. Celebrities are well aware that they can become a marketable product and many have created personal brands that keep them in the spotlight well past whatever made them a star, especially in the luxury ecommerce space.

Consider one of the most well-known collaborations between Michael Jordan and Nike; he hasn’t laced up a pair of basketball shoes competitively since 2003, however his brand is still iconic within the athletic apparel industry. Going well beyond a simple product endorsement, Jordan became a brand, and many more celebrities are now leveraging the spotlight to influence similar brand partnerships.

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The Best Brand Partnership Examples and Celebrity Collaborations

Some of our favorite successful celebrity collaborations include:

Kanye West, Adidas, and the Yeezy Brand

Kanye West and Adidas co-branding the Yeezy brand. The combination of Kanye’s personal brand and Adidas’ growing streetwear segment has been incredibly successful with almost a 14% increase in earnings for Adidas since the partnership began feeding on the cult-like frenzy of the Yeezy following.

Rhianna and Puma

Grammy award-winning artist Rhianna went beyond a simple spokeswoman role with PUMA when she became a brand ambassador for an entire women’s line overseeing collaborations in apparel, footwear, and accessories.

Beginning in 2015, when she released her first footwear collaboration, the Creeper, which sold out within hours of its presale launch, she has since gone on to create an entire fashion line called FENTY PUMA by Rhianna.

Based upon her experiences growing up and having to wear uniforms to school, she wanted to create a line that was completely different and fun. Not only has the line been praised by fashion critics and bloggers alike, but PUMA has also had over a 180% increase in searches on their site since the collaboration began.

A$AP Rocky and Guess

GUESS teamed up with rapper A$AP Rocky to create a collection of apparel and accessories for both men and women, based upon his well-known style and interest in the fashion industry. Focusing on the $ to replace the “S” in throwback 90s GUESS patterns, the nostalgic line utilized his platform to “show kids what they missed out on”.

David Guetta and GH Mumm Champagne

In 2014, Maison Mumm announced a collaboration with world-famous DJ, David Guetta. Together, they redesigned the famous G.H.Mumm Cordon Bouge champagne bottle. The special limited collector’s edition bottle was a perfect fit to leverage Guetta’s brand. It featured a platinum design that emulates a mirror to reflect nightlife and DJ LED lights to create a stunning and attractive effect. G.H.Mumm launched the limited-edition champagne in tandem with Guetta’s new music video Dangerous. 

The collaboration is a perfect example of how a luxury brand can position its product with a celebrity that appeals to a valuable target audience. The champagne was sold in nightclubs to command a premium price markup, fit the environment, and the packaging grabbed the attention of anyone on the dance floor.

Taylor Swift and Keds Footwear

Keds footwear collaborated with Taylor Swift back in 2013 to develop a sneaker line featuring some of Swift’s favorite things, including mini guitars and polka dots alternating with paw prints. Swift’s audience loved the sneakers because they helped them connect with their favorite artist. The variety of designs at an affordable price meant they could purchase multiple sneaker designs without breaking the bank.

The collection was available worldwide on,,, and All styles were only $50 and each pair featured a silver heart of Swift’s favorite number, 13, or a guitar pick with Swift’s logo. Keds perfectly leveraged their partnership with Swift to appeal to a specific target audience and give them sneakers that incorporated their idol’s favorite things to create a unique, tangible appeal.

Fashion Nova and Cardi B

And we would be remiss to leave out Fashion Nova’s collaboration with Cardi B. The “Bodak Yellow” rapper who turned her social media clout into a successful music career, sold out her first line of 82 styles raking in over $10M last November, while her latest line sold out within minutes of its release making over $1M in under 24 hours.

How to Find the Best Target Celebrity Partnerships

Brand collaborations are nothing new, especially in the fashion world. Utilizing a particular fan base in order to develop target audiences, is exactly the type of data point that Nogin can take advantage of to help drive sales for a brand.

Take for example Nogin’s partnership with Blue-Star and Bebe Rexha. The two-time Grammy-nominated artist, Bebe Rexha has partnered up with fashion brand bebe for their empowering national marketing campaign ‘BEBE LOVES BEBE’. The campaign was created to celebrate the powerful idea of loving and accepting yourself, feeling incredible at any time, all the time.

With the help of Nogin, Rexha has been appearing in the brand’s Fall 2019 campaign, which has been running throughout the U.S. on social, out of home, and in print since the launch of Vogue’s September issue.

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