Nogin Wins Award for Best Places to Work in Los Angeles From Comparably

February 13, 2021 |
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Nogin Wins Award for Best Places to Work in Los Angeles From Comparably

Comparably Awards has recognized Nogin, the Intelligent Commerce Company, as one of the Best Places to Work in Los Angeles in 2021. Comparably is one of the fastest-growing compensation, culture, and career-monitoring sites in the United States. Comparably’s awards represent the highest-ranked companies for professional development from employees who anonymously rated their professional advancement and growth opportunities on

“Part of the Nogin Nerd Culture is fostering innovation and creating an environment of teamwork that drives the future of ecommerce for brands. It’s not about doing commerce like everyone else. It’s about working together, working smarter, and solving problems that drive results through our products for our customers. We all rise together through working towards common goals and are better for it. Sometimes it’s stressful and hard, often thought-provoking, but that’s what we nerds do for fun.” said Geoffrey Van Haeren, President and Co-Founder.

Nogin was initially founded as Branded Online and recently renamed in March 2021 to reflect its place in the ecommerce market more accurately.  “The market expects us to constantly deliver more intelligent ecommerce that outperforms, so Nogin is a perfect name,” said Jan Nugent, CEO and Co-Founder.

Nogin delivers intelligent commerce solutions to leading brands in the fashion, CPG, beauty, health, and wellness industries. Three things drive results:

  1. Superior full-stack ecommerce platform that includes R&D, sales optimization, and machine learning
  2. Superior ecommerce talent
  3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven marketing and fulfillment

Nogin is committed to make ecommerce more Intelligent and help its clients drive exponential results. Nogin believes intelligence is fostered through equal parts ‘IQ’ and ‘EQ.’ We help our employees grow in mind, body, and spirit. We provide a full calendar of education, personal fulfillment, fitness, and fun guided by our employees. We have grown 300% in 5 years, so things are constantly evolving and hopefully for the better.

Thank you, Comparably, for this distinguished honor.

Interested in joining the Nogin team? Visit to see Nogin’s open positions by department, location, and more.

About Nogin

Nogin, the Intelligent Commerce choice, is driving exponential results as the trusted, intelligent commerce partner of leading brands in fashion, CPG, beauty, health, and wellness industries, including Hurley, Bebe, Justice, Brookstone, Modcloth, Karen Kane, and many more. We are incredibly proud & excited to show you Nogin – The Intelligent Commerce Platform – that enables leading brands to keep pace with big retail, drive predictable profitability, exponential growth, and go rapidly into the future of commerce. For more information on our quest to educate leading brands around the world on the smarter ecommerce option, please visit