Case Study


Fine-Tuning Hurley’s Ecommerce Strategy with Nogin’s Expert Team and Intelligent Commerce Technology


Hurley, a global beach lifestyle apparel brand, reached a point in late 2022 where growth had softened, and they sought innovative strategies to enhance their metrics across all facets of their ecommerce operations. While the brand maintained loyal customers and steady performance, inventory challenges emerged that necessitated quick action to find a viable and sustainable strategy to enhance Hurley’s overall ecommerce business.


  • Inventory Management: Ensuring accurate and timely inventory procurement.
  • Merchandising Strategy: Aligning inventory with actual sales and market demands.
  • Promotional Calendar Management: Implementing and optimizing a promotional calendar to drive traffic and conversions.

Implementing Smart Merchandising with Expert Oversight

Utilizing Intelligent Commerce’s Smart Merchandising technology, Nogin’s team analyzed sales data to ensure that Hurley had the right products in the right categories. The technology allowed Hurley to make immediate, informed decisions by predicting shopper behavior and managing inventory—revealing a substantial need to increase board shorts stock to align with market and consumer demands. Nogin’s team provided continuous oversight and strategic input, ensuring that the data-driven insights were translated into actionable merchandising strategies.

Promotion Optimization and Strategic Management

Nogin took over the promotional calendar and implemented Intelligent Commerce’s Promotion Optimization technology to drive traffic. This comprehensive solution for campaign optimization enabled intuitive, channel-sensitive A/B testing that self-optimizes. Hurley could generate coupons and set up testing infrastructure seamlessly, making real-time adjustments based on insights to enhance promotional efficacy. Nogin’s team played a pivotal role in managing and optimizing the promotional calendar, ensuring that the implemented strategies were effectively driving traffic and conversions.

Impactful Results

The implementation of Nogin’s Intelligent Commerce technology and the strategic involvement of Nogin’s expert team yielded significant Year-over-Year (YoY) results for Q3 2023 for Hurley:

  • Gross Sales: +17%
  • Gross Margin: +28%
  • Orders: +29%
  • Conversion Rate: +25%


Nogin’s Intelligent Commerce technology, coupled with the tactical involvement of its expert team, provided Hurley with a comprehensive solution, addressing critical challenges in inventory management, merchandising, and promotional optimization. The impressive YoY results underscore the impact of implementing data-driven, AI-enhanced personalization and merchandising features, ensuring that Hurley not only navigated through the immediate challenges but also fortified its ecommerce strategy for sustainable growth.

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