Optional expert ecommerce services without a mega spend or mega commitment

In need of hands-on help? Our world-class managed services are here for you. Tap into the skills and knowledge of our ecommerce experts where needed, for however long you need. Your call.

They don’t call us “ecommerce nerds” for nothing. We’re fanatics about online retail and have a hard time keeping quiet about it. So, let’s talk shop, swap creative concepts, and brainstorm amazing new ideas for your brand’s future.


Strengthen your unique value proposition, sharpen your company values, and zero in on a rock-solid ecommerce strategy to make your company stand out. Our full-service strategy services enable you to work with experienced direct-to-consumer strategists who will help you grow your ecommerce business quickly while hitting margin goals. We do it through hyper-efficient marketing, fulfillment, merchandising, and customer segmentation strategies.

Store Operation

Optimize your store operations to capture more revenue, lower overhead costs, and delight your customers. Nogin’s seasoned store operations specialists can quickly assess your strengths and where you’re overlooking opportunities. Not only will they help you manage your stores day-to-day, but they’ll also anticipate your ecommerce needs as your business scales and gets more complex. We’re here to help you stay one-step ahead of your customers’ needs and wants.


One of the fastest ways to increase sales is to drive more traffic to your website. But if you “don’t know what you don’t know,” it’s hard to determine how to bring more eyeballs to your business – especially the right kind of eyeballs. Nogin ecommerce services provide intelligent insights and drive action on marketing channel performance, cohort analysis, variable contribution margin, acquisition costs, and customer lifetime value – all with the goal of driving revenue as well as margin.


Reaching new customers is only half the battle — what do you do once you have their attention? You start by gaining a better understanding of where you are right now. Our Performance Analysts help you make more sense of all the metrics that matter (like sales conversion rates, customer lifetime value, customer acquisition costs, bounce rates, and more) as well as recommend actions, so you can keep pushing your performance up, up, up.


Ecommerce marketing is a whole new ballgame where the playing field changes constantly. We offer expert marketing services from people whose job it is to know marketing platforms inside and out. With ever-changing privacy rules, new advertising platforms, attribution challenges, and the like, Nogin helps you navigate the shifting marketing landscape and connect your marketing performance directly to your store sales and profit margin. We’ll help you drive up ROI on your digital marketing spend and make sure you’re getting the most out of every campaign.

Customer Service

Having a hard time keeping up with all the calls and emails from your customers? Our highly-trained customer service teams have got you covered. Let us manage the day-to-day customer service on your behalf by phone, email, and site chat — even concierge service by SMS. We can handle all inquires from tracking orders to product issues to helping to find that perfect dress. We use the data from customer service to help you make better decisions about products, styles, and customer journeys. Then, we’ll show you how to put this data to work to inform your ecommerce strategy and operations to ensure the best customer experience.


Get great creative from people who specialize in driving ecommerce conversion, engagement, loyalty, and sales. Our in-house creatives are not only brilliant and awesome, they specialize in creating a seamless experience across every single one of your brand’s touch points. Let us help you brainstorm ideas for your next amazing campaign.


Show your products in the best light — literally. Our experienced photographers know exactly how to capture the mood of your brand and features of your product to leave an unforgettable impression. What’s more, we have millions of data points to inform you on the best type of photos, angles, models, and more to drive conversion. Let us help you achieve higher quality, consistency, and creative standards while boosting sales and without draining your budget.

Talk to a Nogin nerd

Yes, we’re ecommerce nerds, but don’t worry, we’re still relatable. And we’re passionate about helping brands like yours thrive. Schedule a conversation with us and we’ll show you how our enterprise ecommerce platform can help you grow your revenue and win D2C ecommerce.