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You develop and manufacture amazing products. Perhaps you’ve mastered wholesale and even online marketplaces for your products. But, if you’re like a lot of brands, you’re finding the D2C channel a bit more challenging. There’s a better way forward. Nogin’s intelligent commerce platform is highly focused to enable brands across many industries to achieve enterprise-level e-commerce without the enterprise budgets and know-how.

Fashion & Apparel

With catalogs that require seasonal updates and a huge amount of perpetual product turnover, most e-commerce platforms can’t handle the level of constant change that’s just part of the fashion & apparel business. But this is where we shine. Nogin’s straightforward UX (built on sophisticated technology) delivers unprecedented flexibility and control.

Luxury Goods & Accessories

Your customers expect the best. We’ll help you give it to them. Nogin’s intelligent enterprise e-commerce solutions enable you to customize and optimize your online retail experience so it reflects your brand’s prestige and supports your business objectives. Deliver a world-class e-commerce experience that maintains the cachet of your category and lives up to your brand’s reputation — every time.

Consumer Goods

Don’t bog down your IT team by developing online stores from the ground up for every single one of your sub-brands. Deploy Nogin to hit the ground running with an enterprise-level e-commerce store within weeks. Nogin lets you launch and grow your online channels faster by individual category, not just a catch-all solution.

Health & Beauty

Manual processes and a cobbled-together e-commerce ecosystem stifle your ability to respond to an industry where trends and customer demands shift overnight. Nogin’s built-in subscription services, seamless social integrations, and intelligent consumer analytics instantly elevate your e-commerce strategy without having to master everything yourself.

Active Lifestyle

Constant innovation helps you keep up with your customers and outpace your competitors. Nogin’s enterprise e-commerce solutions include subscription-based sales content, event-based sales features, and detailed analytics about who your customers are and how they behave. So, whether you’re selling bike parts, yoga classes, or running shoes, Nogin helps you move faster.

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