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See how Intelligent Commerce uses data-driven insights coupled with AI-assisted execution to enable our clients to outperform.

Intelligent Commerce: Optimizing Human Insight + AI for D2C Success

Nogin leverages the power of AI in areas that matter most for growth— boosting conversion rates with advanced personalization features like AI-powered customer segmentation, smart merchandising and promotion optimization.


Medium-sized brands often lack data and resources for a Customer Data Platform (CDP). Intelligent Commerce leverages a decade of anonymized data, enabling you to accurately build and refine customer segments—giving you the ability to offer a truly personalized experience to your shoppers.

Smart Merchandising

Nogin’s technology provides a single source of truth for predicting shopper behavior and managing inventory so you can make immediate and informed decisions. With this data, you can keep your inventory optimized and merchandising strategies aligned with market demands and consumer behavior.

Promotion Optimization

Intelligent Commerce offers a comprehensive solution for campaign optimization, enabling intuitive, channel-sensitive A/B testing that self-optimizes. Generate coupons and set up testing infrastructure seamlessly, and make real-time adjustments based on the insights.

Advanced Content Management

Our new Campaigns feature offers a centralized hub for all your content scheduling needs. With real-time metrics like CVR, AOV, and Sessions, you can adjust your content based on the data. Plus, the added split testing functionality ensures your campaigns are always performing at their peak.


Experience the pinnacle of E-commerce speed and reliability. Our technology is a game-changer for online businesses, offering unparalleled page loading times and reduced bounce rates. By leveraging our global edge delivery network and smart caching, we ensure your website stays ahead of the competition.

The Technology of Choice
for Global Brands

The Technology of Choice
for Global Brands

What will Intelligent Commerce Do for your Brand?

Understand Your Customers

Our AI-powered segmentation will automatically group your most loyal customers on day one.

Increase Customer LTV

Find the perfect mix of products, content and discounts to maximize customer revenue for the long haul.

Run Campaigns Easily

You will love our no-code content editor, powerful scheduling and advanced targeting features.

Drive Higher Conversions

AI-assisted recommendations help you show the right products to your customers at the ideal touch points.

Boost Customer Engagement

Easily deploy a rich set of interactive features to lift engagement and keep customers loyal to your brand.

Optimize Discounts

Split test multiple discount amounts to different segments to find the optimal balance of conversion and profit.

Elevate Your Store

With Our Advanced Shopify Theme

Infinite Variations

Custom modules and advanced formatting give you total control over the look and feel of your store.

Pre-integrated Apps

We’ve loaded the top apps in every category so integration is as easy as checking a box. No need to hire a developer.

Fast Loading Times

By tuning our theme integration, we’ve reduced the package bundle size by a whopping 30%. That means faster load times and higher CVR.

Fast Loading Times

By tuning our theme integration, we’ve reduced the package bundle size by a whopping 30%. That means faster load times and higher CVR.

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