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Enterprise-grade software that makes ecommerce growth simple

Get more money out of your ecommerce operations with Nogin Intelligent Commerce. For brands using or considering Shopify Plus, Intelligent Commerce supercharges their ecommerce operations, adding a market-leading customer data platform with machine-learning capabilities, algorithmic merchandising and smart promotion optimization.
Nogin ecommerce technology
Nogin ecommerce technology solution for enterprise

The intelligent enterprise ecommerce solution for leading brands

Nogin’s enterprise ecommerce software unlocks benchmarks, best practices, and behavioral data while combining customer, industry, and market intelligence — all wrapped in one solution that gets smarter after every conversion. How does it get smarter? It uses the latest in customer data platform technology, combined with algorithms and continuous testing. You know…intelligent commerce.


Nogin drives healthy growth while giving you as much – or as little – hands-on control as you want.

The Nogin commerce-as-a-service growth solution

With our commerce-as-a-service (CaaS) model, you don’t need to understand all the nerdy stuff. We got that. You’re free to focus on growing your business and reaching new customers. The best part: our CaaS solution pairs technology with our Nogin Nerds—fractional experts ready to assist in any aspect of running your ecommerce business. Happy with your creative agency? Keep them. Is your 3PL letting you down? We got that. Eliminate wasteful spending and profitably grow your brand with no upfront costs.

Nogin technology revenue increase


Remodel your ecommerce store in a few short weeks. Nogin’s best-in-class enterprise ecommerce software is built to give you everything you need to compete with major online retailers — without major spend. You get unprecedented flexibility and control with better revenue. Your customers get a world-class ecommerce experience. Everybody wins.

Optimized UX
  • Optimized checkout and payment flow to maximize customer retention and conversion
  • Holistic UX: remarketing, retargeting, and drip campaigns integrated with ESP and ad platforms
  • Best-practice development reduces page load times and sizes
  • Integrated third-party trackers to improve compatibility and performance
Content Management
  • Drag-and-drop interface for making quick changes
  • Content scheduler to push updates live
  • Built-in version control system enables rollback to prior state
Catalog Management
  • Centralized catalog supports multiple channels and unlimited SKUs
  • Drag-and-drop visual merchandising
  • Pre-integrated with OMS, WMS, and storefront
  • Flyout cart on every page reduces friction to continue shopping and makes checkout seamless
  • Add to cart directly from collection pages or product detail pages
  • Add free shipping and other promotions inside the cart frame itself
  • Pre-integrated with installment payment plans
  • Maintains PCI data security compliance
  • Automated refund processing
  • Incorporate social proof via reviews and UGC from real customers
  • Add visual polls to engage customers (More engaged customers leads to higher lifetime value!)
  • Sell directly to customers on Facebook and Instagram
Nogin technology dashboard results

Back office & fulfillment

Conquer your back office and fulfillment challenges once and for all. Nogin was designed for ecommerce, not retrofitted from aging financial software. User-friendly UX lets you track information, vendor relationships, and logistics in real-time, while robust reporting lets you drill into the details that matter to you and your teams.

Order Management
  • Flexible order workflows: route orders from/to anywhere
  • Orders, customers, payments, and returns tracked in a centralized database
  • Split single orders into parts that can be processed by multiple parties (ex. Nogin, dropship, 3PL, etc.) then recombined for a seamless customer experience
  • Purchase order handling for receiving goods from vendors and manufacturers
Warehouse Management
  • One system to handle everything from small D2C orders (a few items) up to large B2B orders (pallets and containers)
  • D2C and B2B for wholesale to retailers (Nordstrom, Walmart, Target, etc.)
  • Sophisticated inventory management: track individual assets, FIFO processing, virtual asset pools for different channels selling the same SKUs
  • Value-added services: relabeling, reticketing, hangers, special handling
Revenue Logistics
  • Built-in self-service returns portal with configurable rules, content, and fee structure
  • Route return shipments anywhere
  • Automated refunds
  • Route orders to any destination/channel
  • Destination-specific handling and labeling
  • Multiple integration methods: API, EDI, CSV, and manual entry
  • Automated fraud detection and order flagging
  • Human verification and order cancellation
  • Appropriate sales taxes calculated and collected for every jurisdiction
  • Tax filing and remittance as merchant of record
Nogin Dashboard Showing Conversion Rate Increases

Ecommerce intelligence

Measure every aspect of your customers’ behavior in real-time. Nogin compiles a ton of data that informs our self-learning ecommerce platform. This means Nogin enterprise ecommerce software gets smarter every time your customers make a purchase — and you do, too.

  • Nogin tracks KPIs down to the individual customer level: lifetime value, average order value, units, orders, revenue, margin
  • See incremental lifts attributable to the Nogin platform
  • Nogin tech can target content to specific customer segments
  • On-site personalized recommendations
  • Smart Sorting automated merchandising boosts products that your customers are more likely to purchase
  • Create custom content per segment
  • Machine-learning-based segmentation is based on customer shopping behavior
  • Export segment data to third parties for campaigns and audience generation
  • Use your segments to drive custom bulk email and drip campaigns
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Nogin ecommerce suite

Enterprise-class commerce-as-a-service

Commerce-as-a-service means you tap into the technology you need and keep the stuff you love without paying for a bunch of stuff you don’t. That’s the beauty of plug-and-play, baby. Sprinkle in some expert-delivered managed services (if you want them) and you get instant enterprise D2C cred without an enterprise budget spend.

Nogin ecommerce technology architecture

What is commerce-as-a-service?

Commerce-as-a-service (or CaaS, for short) is more than an app — it’s a full stack ecommerce platform designed to transform how you manage your online store and how your customers shop with you. It’s powerful. It’s revolutionary. It’s easy.

Nogin ecommerce technology

We make enterprise
ecommerce simple

Nogin is a full-stack ecommerce platform designed specifically to enable brands to tackle the complexities of ecommerce without breaking a sweat. The Nogin platform includes more than just the cart and the storefront. We have PIM. We have OMS. We have WMS. Other software platforms just have a piece. We have a full solution.


Rather than struggle to integrate a disparate set of investments and technologies, we take the opposite approach, letting you “just plug in” and get to work. Leverage our R&D. Leverage our expertise. We’ll handle the complicated stuff, so you don’t have to. It’s built right in.

No wonky integrations

No more stitching together a bunch of plug-ins and trying to make them work together. Just plug your front end (or other apps) into Nogin’s full-stack platform.

Benefit your bottom line

Optimize customer segmentation, personalization, discounts, shipping, and returns to make sure you’re squeezing the most value out of every ecommerce decision you make and action you take.

Never outgrow your tech

Nogin is a pre-integrated enterprise ecommerce software solution at scale. Pay for only what you need and scale the platform as you grow.

Nogin ecommerce technology results

Focus on your customer. We’ll do the rest.

Prevent bad customer experiences from wreaking havoc on your brand. Nogin frees you from worrying about all the weird things that can go wrong with your technology and lets you focus on delighting your customers and bringing them back for more.


By offloading the complexity of technology, data, and development to a beast of an ecommerce platform — and working with people who are literally obsessed with this stuff — you can finally rest easy that your ecommerce solution isn’t secretly sabotaging you.

Strengthen your market position

Stop wrestling with technology and spend more time sharpening your message, dialing in your products, and learning about what makes your customers tick.

Look bigger than you are

Nogin’s enterprise-class infrastructure, continuous innovation, and extensive integrations create a user experience on par with Big Retail.

Deliver data-driven outcomes

Make decisions based on data, not hunches. With a focus on customer acquisition costs, lifetime value, and conversion, Nogin starts improving your P&L right away.

Nogin Technology Conversion Rate Increase Results

De-risk your ecommerce P&L

We understand what’s possible with our powerhouse ecommerce software platform, so we’re not scared to put a little skin in the game. Since we charge a percentage of your revenue, we share the risks as well as the rewards, protecting your profits during times of economic uncertainty.


Don’t blow your budget getting sucked into a “digital transformation” initiative that’s totally outside your wheelhouse. Instead, tap into trusted enterprise ecommerce software designed to maximize profits and minimize headaches.

Break even faster

Zero upfront cost to get you live in 60-75 days (instead of spending millions on a yearlong migration or upgrade with no profit in sight).

Prevent revenue fatigue

Nogin’s modern technology and continuous innovation provides an immediate fix to your business challenges and protects against the slow burn of an aging platform.

Accelerate your cash-to-cash cycle

Trying to invest in and ramp up an enterprise-grade, world-class site yourself just drains your budget and compromises your sanity. Nogin lets you hit the ground running.

Nogin ecommerce technology reaction

Make ecommerce intelligent

There’s a reason we say Nogin is “the intelligent commerce platform for leading brands.” Our tech is self-learning, which means it gets smarter with every transaction. Consolidating your efforts into a single powerful solution is a more intelligent way to do ecommerce.


Instead of investing in the newest shiny plug-in then going crazy trying to make it work with all the rest of your tech stack, tap into the mainframe of a super-smart, ecommerce-specific platform designed to do everything you need (and stuff you didn’t even know you needed), all in one place.

Let the machines learn for you

Nogin leverages sophisticated algorithms and machine learning to push benefits back to your business at scale, capturing far more nuance than you would be able to collect on your own.

Grow your brand faster

The Nogin commerce-as-a-service stack features the latest ecommerce technology breakthroughs, delivering enterprise-level results to smaller, growing brands.

Profit from our R&D

No, literally — we do the R&D, you make the profits. We’re constantly innovating and improving on our enterprise software solutions, so you’re always on the leading edge of ecommerce technology.

We’ve got humans, too

Sure, Nogin is the industry-leading enterprise ecommerce platform. But combine its crazy-powerful capabilities with optional services delivered by our ecommerce experts and you achieve a whole new level of D2C mastery.


Sharpen your message and strengthen your unique value proposition. Our experienced brand strategists help you uncover where you fit in the marketplace so you can lock in your position.

Store operation

Elevate your revenue while keeping overhead costs down. Our Store Operations Specialists will help you do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.


Our seasoned SEO and Email Specialists apply best practices to drive more traffic to your ecommerce site, then track your performance to make sure you’re hitting your benchmarks.


Collaborate with our experienced Performance Analysts to start tracking meaningful metrics like sales conversion rates, customer acquisition costs, bounce rates, and more.


Achieve higher ROI on your digital marketing spend and make sure you’re getting the most out of every campaign. Our marketing experts help you dial up results without decimating your budget.

Customer service

Can’t keep up with the calls and emails from your customers? No worries. We can take that on for you with our highly-trained customer service teams.


Work with brilliant creatives who specialize in ecommerce and how it applies in your industry. We develop campaigns and creative assets that get attention and drive results.


Professional photography services are essential for a successful ecommerce site, but can get pricey. Work with our experienced photographers and get great shots for a reasonable spend.

Let’s talk FAQs

Just like Nogin makes ecommerce easier, we’re here to help make ecommerce professionals’ lives easier. Check out these FAQs to see what other customers are curious about. If you still have questions, contact us and let our Nogin nerds fill you in.

What services does Nogin provide?

Great question. Many of our customers are searching for expertise and operational help to effectively run their ecommerce channel. You can discover all services Nogin provides by visiting our Services page.

I already have third party apps on my site. Would you be able to use those same apps or would I have to switch to different ones?

Nogin is pre-integrated with many of the top app partners in the commerce ecosystem – whether it’s Shopify, Salesforce, BigCommerce or others. Chances are we’re already working with technologies within your stack as we’ve pre-vetted, tested and optimized the best out there. Having said that, Nogin is also flexible enough to easily integrate with third parties. Let’s work together on which technologies will deliver the best results for your commerce business. See a sample of our top partner technologies.

How long does it take to migrate to Nogin?

A typical migration to Nogin is 45 to 60 days. Seriously. This is one of the advantages of Commerce-as-a-Service (CaaS). We can have your store up and running and performing in just a few month’s time. The market average for enterprise deployments is 9 to 12 months. We’ve got that beat by a long shot.

What is your pricing structure?

Nogin believes in a shared risk partnership with our customers. We all win together as revenues and profits grow. Typically, we charge no or low up front fees and collect a revenue share based on the technology and services being provided. Some clients are leveraging just core Nogin technology, while others are full stack plus managed services and marketing. And everything in between.

Do you support both frontend and backend site functionality?

Yes, absolutely. That’s what makes us a unique offering in the market. We are full stack, with enterprise commerce capability around storefront, admin, catalog, order management, warehouse management, drop ship, call center, reverse logistics and more. We’ve got the front office and the back office covered.

Do I need to have my own team to run your technology?

Welcome to CaaS, where you get to choose what’s best for your business. You can leverage Nogin managed services to run as much or as little of the commerce technology, operations and marketing as makes sense. We realize that our customer needs may change over time. We have the flexibility to adjust along the way.

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Yes, we’re ecommerce nerds, but don’t worry, we’re still relatable. And we’re passionate about helping brands like yours thrive. Schedule a conversation with us and we’ll show you how our enterprise ecommerce platform can help you grow your revenue and win D2C ecommerce.