Elevate Your B2B Experience with Intelligent Commerce

Nogin introduces a seamless, D2C-inspired platform to the B2B sector, optimizing efficiency and eliminating manual processes and outdated technology. Nogin’s Intelligent Commerce for B2B extends a rich set of content, catalog, and order management capabilities, enhancing seller operations with 24/7 automated services and integrating effortlessly with existing ERP systems.

Enhanced features
to Streamline Your B2B Experience

Company Profiles

Manage buyer identities with unique payment terms and user permissions for each profile and location.

Selective Product Presentation

Deliver a personalized buying experience with product catalogs tailored to specific buyers or locales.

Customizable Storefronts

Design a unique purchasing environment with unlimited layout options using our Luminate theme.

Purchase Regulation

Establish purchase thresholds and bulk order parameters with ease, including minimums and maximums, increments and case packs.

Dynamic Pricing Structures

Assign specific pricing directly to company profiles effortlessly, accommodating diverse client requirements.

Flexible Payment Options

Utilize diverse payment terms, streamlining collections and order tracking within the Nogin admin.

Company Metafields

Refine your operational processes by adding custom data fields to companies and locations

Simplified Repeat Orders

Enhance customer retention by facilitating straightforward repeat purchases.

Easy Payment Processes

Streamline the payments through invoices, drafts, due-on-fulfillment terms, and payment reminders.

Administrative Order Control

Simplify administrative tasks with capabilities to review, adjust, and confirm orders with ease.

Secured Payment Convenience

Accelerate transactional efficiency by enabling secure credit card storage, facilitating swift and safe repeat purchasing.

B2B Checkout Customization

Design bespoke delivery and payment workflows that cater to your clientele's specific needs.

Self-Service Purchasing

Reduce call center costs with robust self-service purchasing and order management features.

Worldwide Reach

Engage wholesale customers internationally with localized storefronts, currencies and tax exemptions

Tailored B2B Architectures

Develop your ideal B2B infrastructure using our extensive suite of APIs and partner applications.

The Technology of Choice
for Global Brands

Unified B2B and D2C
E-Commerce Solutions

Elevate your wholesale operations alongside your D2C business with Nogin’s comprehensive suite of B2B tools, designed for ultimate flexibility and customization. 

Custom-Tailored B2B Experience

Each buyer’s journey is personalized, featuring customized product selections, pricing, quantities and payment terms.-

Seamless Systems Integration

Nogin will facilitate the launch and integration of your B2B commerce with existing infrastructures through our integration capabilities, APIs, and automated order processing.

A Versatile PlatforM

Nogin’s B2B ecommerce platform seamlessly accommodates the transition from retail to wholesale, providing tools to set preferential pricing, payment terms, and tax exemptions.

Maximize Your B2B Commerce Impact with Nogin

Looking to revolutionize your B2B sales and operational efficiency? Reach out to learn how Nogin’s unified B2B and D2C commerce solutions can streamline your processes, enhance your customer experience, and scale your business to new heights.

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