Case Study

Scotch & Soda

Nogin Helped Global Fashion Brand Scotch & Soda Replatform With Zero Downtime

Born in Amsterdam, Scotch & Soda champions individuality, authenticity and the power of self-expression through its clothing brand. Focused on sustainability from product to packaging, Scotch & Soda’s online store features youthful, optimistic designs that have a positive social and environmental footprint. 

After an ownership change earlier this year, though, the brand had to scramble to replatform its U.S. and Canada-facing ecommerce sites – or risk going offline. 

When Scotch & Soda started working with Nogin, we knew we had to work under a tight deadline, and we’re proud of what we were able to deliver. 

The Challenge

In Spring 2023, Scotch & Soda was acquired by new ownership and faced with the challenge of replatforming its U.S. and Canada ecommerce sites. 

Even more challenging, the transition had to occur within two weeks in order to keep operations running online. Since the shift in ownership didn’t come with much advance notice, there was no Transfer Services Agreement (TSA), which meant the brand had to figure out a solution as soon as possible.

Where We Came In

Scotch & Soda brought Nogin in because of our 12+ years of experience in replatforming ecommerce sites under tight deadlines while preserving product and customer data.

We were tasked with helping Scotch & Soda replicate and replatform its existing site from Salesforce Commerce Cloud onto Shopify Plus. In order to do this, we took the following steps: 

  • Set up a new site for Scotch & Soda while preserving all existing customer data and link structure. 
  • Upgraded their front-end site to have an enhanced user experience and faster load speeds. 
  • Created custom integrations into the proprietary software of their third-party warehouse.
  • Brought on a new customer service team and leveraged intelligent automation technology to make the customer experience even better. 
  • Installed and enabled top-performing apps from our tech partners to make the site run optimally and keep improving over time. 

All this was possible thanks to Intelligent Commerce, our enterprise-level ecommerce solution. With Nogin’s technology enhancing the core functionality of Shopify Plus, Scotch & Soda can not only grow their business using AI-enhanced personalization and merchandising features but also ensure they will never have to replatform again.

From start to finish, the new site went live 10 days after we started working with Scotch & Soda — well within their deadline to stay online. That means there were no lost sales in the transition process, all at no upfront cost to the brand. 

Accelerating Growth

Nogin’s end-to-end management of Scotch & Soda’s ecommerce business has already yielded significant Year-over-Year (YoY) results (August 2023):

  • Gross Merchandise Value (GMV): +35%
  • Traffic: +78%
  • Conversion Rate (CVR): +61%
  • Units Per Transaction (UPT): +51%

Client Testimonial

“Scotch & Soda customers expect a leading-edge D2C shopping experience. Nogin enables us to continue delivering exactly that, without missing a step, even as we migrated from Salesforce Commerce Cloud to Shopify Plus. The speed and efficiency of this transition was made possible by the trust and synergy developed between our team and Nogin, and all of this was able to take place without any investment in replatforming or period of downtime. With Nogin’s deep experience in the apparel industry, and the partnership between our teams, we were able to confidently engage them to drive ecommerce for Scotch and Soda, while we focus on delivering the unique fashions our customers love to our loyal customers and audiences beyond.”

— Ralph Gindi, COO and co-founder of Bluestar Alliance

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