Case Study

Karen Kane

Karen Kane Enhances Online Shopping Experience and Boosts Sales with Nogin’s Intelligent Commerce



Karen Kane, a sustainable women’s fashion brand, has been a beacon in the industry, providing stylish and eco-friendly apparel options. Recognizing the need to elevate their online presence and customer experience, Karen Kane sought to revamp their online shopping experience and consolidate their ecommerce efforts into one flexible, enterprise-level technology and services solution.

The Challenge:

The brand faced the challenge of transitioning from their existing platform to one that could not only enhance the online shopping experience for their customers with AI-assisted personalization features, but also provide the flexibility to implement sophisticated personalization, digital marketing and merchandising strategies to drive customer loyalty and sales.

The Nogin Solution:

Nogin replatformed Karen Kane onto Shopify Plus, enhanced with Intelligent Commerce technology, integrating sophisticated cross-channel data analytics, offering a holistic view of customer data and enabling the brand to deliver consistently positive and tailored customer experiences. The solution also features an intuitive, mobile-friendly design with responsive elements, ensuring a seamless shopping experience across various devices.

Key Implementations:

  • Intuitive, Mobile-Friendly Design: Implemented a refreshed digital storefront that is intuitive and mobile-friendly, ensuring consumers can easily navigate and make purchases across various devices.

  • Sophisticated Data Analytics: Integrated Nogin’s sophisticated cross-channel data analytics, providing a holistic view of customer data and enabling personalized customer experiences.

  • Smart Merchandising Tactics: Employed smart merchandising strategies which led to an enhanced shopping experience and improved sales.

  • Sophisticated Digital Marketing: Implemented advanced digital marketing strategies aimed at improving customer acquisition and retention.

  • Team of Fractional Experts: Nogin acts as an integral part of Karen Kane’s own team, providing critical access to seasoned specialists in key areas like conversion rate optimization, strategy, customer service, performance marketing, photography, IT, and finance.


Karen Kane experienced significant improvements in key ecommerce metrics:

  • 65% increase in revenue Year-over-Year (YoY).
  • 24% less YoY paid media spend in the first 6 months.
  • Averaged 86% YoY growth in monthly Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) over the past 3 years (36 trailing months).
  • Mobile revenue increased by 57% YoY in the past 3 months due to Nogin’s mobile-optimized shopping experience.


Karen Kane’s partnership with Nogin underscores the pivotal role of a centralized, flexible ecommerce platform, smart merchandising, and sophisticated digital marketing in enhancing the online shopping experience and driving sales and customer loyalty. The significant improvements in revenue, reduced media spend, and consistent growth in GMV highlight the efficacy of Nogin’s solutions in delivering superior customer experiences and enabling the brand to make strategic, informed decisions that drive sales and customer loyalty.

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