Case Study

Alloy Apparel

Alloy Apparel Elevates Customer Experience and Boosts Sales with Nogin’s Ecommerce Technology



Alloy Apparel, a boutique fashion brand specializing in apparel for tall women, has carved a niche in providing stylish and well-fitting options for a demographic that often faces limited choices in the market. As the brand grew, it became evident that their SMB ecommerce platform was no longer sufficient to meet their evolving needs. Alloy Apparel sought to deliver personalized online shopping experiences, implement smart merchandising tactics, and enhance marketing retention strategies to drive customer loyalty and sales.

The Challenge:

The primary challenge for Alloy Apparel was to transition from their existing SMB platform to an enterprise-level solution capable of delivering an enhanced and intuitive online shopping experience. The brand aimed to integrate sophisticated data analytics, smart merchandising, and effective marketing retention strategies to not only drive customer loyalty but also enable the team to make strategic forecasting and inventory purchasing decisions. Alloy Apparel lacked an ecommerce team and wanted to outsource the entire operation so that it could focus on products and brand-building.

The Nogin Solution:

Nogin, with its unique Commerce-as-a-Service (CaaS) solution, provided Alloy Apparel with the technology and team it needed to run D2C operations. Nogin replatformed Alloy Apparel onto Shopify Plus, enhanced with Intelligent Commerce, and launched a refreshed digital storefront featuring an intuitive, mobile-friendly design, ensuring easy navigation and purchasing for consumers on any connected device. Nogin’s sophisticated cross-channel data analytics were integrated into Alloy Apparel’s modern commerce platform, providing a holistic customer view and enabling the brand to deliver consistently positive and personalized customer experiences.

Key Implementations:

  • Intuitive, Mobile-Friendly Design: Nogin implemented a refreshed digital storefront that is quick-loading, intuitive and mobile-friendly, ensuring consumers can easily navigate and make purchases across various devices.
  • Smart Merchandising Tactics: Employed smart merchandising strategies fueled by Intelligent Commerce, which led to doubling unique product types in the cart, enhancing the Average Order Value (AOV).
  • Sophisticated Data Analytics: Integrated Nogin’s sophisticated cross-channel data analytics, providing a holistic view of customer data and enabling personalized customer experiences.
  • Marketing Retention Strategies: Implemented effective marketing retention strategies that brought customers back more often, driving repeat purchases and enhancing Lifetime Value (LTV).
  • Team of Fractional Experts: Nogin acts as an extension of Alloy Apparel’s own team, providing access to seasoned specialists in key areas like conversion rate optimization, strategy, customer service, performance marketing, photography, IT, and finance.


Alloy Apparel experienced significant improvements in key ecommerce metrics:

  • 37% increase in traffic Year-To-Date (YTD) 2022, Year-over-Year (YoY), attributed to Nogin’s retention tactics and technology.
  • 23% increase in Average Order Value (AOV) and 35% increase in Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) YoY, due to Nogin’s smart merchandising.

These results not only improved overall customer acquisition and retention numbers but also empowered the Alloy Apparel team to make strategic, informed forecasting and inventory purchasing decisions.


Alloy Apparel’s partnership with Nogin demonstrates the transformative power of adopting an enterprise ecommerce solution, smart merchandising, and effective marketing retention strategies in enhancing online shopping experiences and driving customer loyalty. The significant improvements in traffic, AOV, and GMV underscore the efficacy of Nogin’s solutions in not only delivering superior customer experiences but also in enabling the brand to make strategic decisions that drive sales and customer loyalty.

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