NEWS | Kenneth Cole Re-Platforms to Nogin Intelligent Commerce

kenneth cole nogin ecommerce client

Iconic global brand leverages Nogin’s innovative Commerce-as-a-Service technology platform to optimize online store performance, add AI and decrease costs. Move reflects Nogin’s strong track record with brands in fashion, CPG, beauty, health and wellness.

Kenneth Cole has moved its online store to Nogin’s Commerce-as-a-Service (CaaS) platform, enabling the iconic brand to deliver best-in-class ecommerce to its valued customers, as well as increase sales, profits and conversion rates, and execute R&D upgrades in real-time.

“Like so many other brands, Kenneth Cole was caught between extremely expensive and inflexible legacy enterprise software on the one hand, and inadequate, lower-end SMB platforms on the other,” said Jan-Christopher Nugent, CEO of Tustin-based Nogin. “Intelligent Commerce provides a long-term delivery model that will help Kenneth Cole profitably keep pace with Big Retail.”

The global brand is leveraging Nogin’s cloud services and experts layered on top of the Intelligent Commerce Platform, allowing Kenneth Cole to scale with demand generated by a platform that is always learning and optimizing.

From a business standpoint, Nogin’s Intelligent Commerce software, people and process can translate into benefits such as reduced free shipping and fulfillment costs, more efficient media spend,  higher conversion rates, stronger gross margin, and more.

“Just as Amazon Web Services was revolutionary for on-demand cloud-hosting, the Nogin platform is a game-changer in ecommerce,” said Nugent, who notes that Nogin has also delivered Commerce as a Service for such major brands as Hurley, Bebe, Justice, Brookstone, and Karen Kane.

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