Nogin to Develop Clean Work Supply, a Vertical Marketplace in the Janitorial Sanitation, Safety and Industrial Products Industry

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Nogin’s Enterprise-Class Digital Commerce Technology, Exceptional Customer Service, and Expertise in Building Marketplaces, Will Expand Market Reach for Participating Companies

TUSTIN, Calif., June 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Nogin (Nasdaq: NOGN, NOGNW), a pioneer in Commerce-as-a-Service (“CaaS”), has revealed plans to create a groundbreaking vertical marketplace catering to the Janitorial Sanitation (JanSan), Safety, and Industrial Products industries. This venture, Clean Work Supply is set to revolutionize the shopping experience in this set of verticals, with a wide product assortment, personalized shopping experience and end market specific product education that delights end customers.

Vertical marketplaces hold a unique advantage in e-commerce, providing benefits such as focused customer prospecting, leveraging the cost of acquisition of customers across various parties, enhanced user experience, specialized knowledge, streamlined operations, and targeted data analysis. Nogin’s creation of this marketplace will leverage all the differentiating features of the Intelligent Commerce platform.

With its market-leading technology, Nogin is no stranger to creating successful vertical marketplaces. Its track record includes the effective management of, and the expansion of assortments within our client’s assortments. Nogin now brings its Intelligent Commerce technology to this new venture, promising algorithmically personalized and intuitive online shopping experience for customers in the end markets that are relevant to the founding members of this marketplace.

“Nogin is uniquely positioned to harness the potential of vertical marketplaces and propel businesses forward in their online journey,” said Shahriyar Rahmati, COO at Nogin. “We aim to use our advanced technology and expertise in performance marketing to help companies reach their target audience more effectively, manage competition, and ultimately sell more products. Further, as we know that the cost of acquiring new customers is a significant portion of the cost structure of any e-commerce platform, the vertical marketplace allows a “once acquired” customer increased assortment, and increased reasons to return, repeat and remain a loyal customer.”

The upcoming marketplace is set to offer a wealth of high-quality JanSan, Safety, and Industrial Products at competitive prices. Further, we plan to create experiences that are relevant to customers in certain industries, including medical, hospitality, commercial and industrial sectors. This will be backed by Nogin’s top-tier ecommerce technology, digital marketing, fulfillment support, and customer service.

As the JanSan, Safety and Industrial Products industry moves towards a more digital future, Nogin’s upcoming vertical marketplace is set to be a beacon of innovation, leveraging the company’s advanced technology and commerce knowledge to provide a robust and reliable platform for businesses to thrive in.

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