Nogin Launches V1 of its Intelligent Commerce Technology

Nogin V1 Intelligent Commerce Technology

V1 Release of Nogin Intelligent Commerce Technology Provides Enterprise-Level Performance Without the Cost and Complexity of Traditional Enterprise Platforms

Nogin (NASDAQ: NOGN), a leading provider of innovative Commerce-as-a-Service (“CaaS”) technology and services, today announced V1 of Nogin Intelligent Commerce. Building on Vx of Intelligent Commerce released in October 2022, V1 offers powerful new features including first-of-its-kind AI-powered customer segmentation, algorithmic merchandising, and automated campaign optimization to enable marketers and merchandisers to maximize the lift from their promotions and marketing spend.

“With the V1 release of Nogin Intelligent Commerce, our customers gain access to cutting-edge enterprise ecommerce technologies,” said Geoffrey Van Haeren, Co-Founder and Chief Technologist of Nogin. “For brands using or considering Shopify Plus, Intelligent Commerce supercharges their ecommerce operations, adding a market-leading customer data platform with machine-learning capabilities and algorithmic merchandising capabilities. With Nogin, online store owners looking to take their sales performance to the next level and maximize their returns on marketing investments can do so without needing to replatform or sink costs into R&D efforts.”

Built for brands selling direct-to-consumer and through online channels, Nogin Intelligent Commerce leverages over 10 years of anonymized big data assets and delivers a powerful customer data platform to brands that wouldn’t otherwise have the historical data to take advantage of this enterprise technology. With the V1 release, Nogin provides next-generation ecommerce tools to small and mid-sized brands to ensure they can stay competitive with the largest online retailers, without the time, expense, risk and distraction of moving to a traditional enterprise platform.

New features announced today include:

  • AI-powered customer segmentation: Build and optimize customer segments by leveraging over 10 years of anonymized data mined from Nogin’s CaaS technology.
  • Algorithmic merchandising: Automatically extend native merchandising capabilities with sophisticated features predicting both shopper behavior and inventory constraints.
  • Smart promotion optimization: Maximize campaign potential with channel-sensitive, self-optimizing A/B testing and campaign optimization features and automatically create coupons and other infrastructure required for testing.


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