Rumpl Partners with Nogin To Supercharge D2C Growth

Rumpl to leverage Nogin’s Commerce-as-a-Service solution to drive rapid direct-to-consumer growth and amplify brand reach

TUSTIN, Calif., Aug. 29, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Nogin (Nasdaq: NOGN), a pioneer in Commerce-as-a-Service (“CaaS”), today announced that Rumpl, the category leader in technical blankets, has chosen Nogin’s Intelligent Commerce technology and services to grow its direct-to-consumer (D2C) business. Nogin’s enterprise-class technology and deep ecommerce expertise will drive accelerated growth for Rumpl as it continues to redefine the category of blankets and technical comfort products.

Founded on a surf and ski trip through California, Rumpl specializes in producing sustainable, high-performance outdoor blankets using innovative materials and designs. Delivering a blend of functionality and style, Rumpl’s blankets enhance comfort during various adventures and outdoor activities. Through this agreement with Nogin, Rumpl will leverage Nogin’s end-to-end CaaS growth solution to supercharge its ecommerce efforts, driving D2C growth with AI-powered customer segmentation and algorithmic merchandising. In addition, Nogin’s marketing and creative services will enable Rumpl to reach more customers than ever, in a cost-effective manner.

“At Rumpl, our commitment to innovative design and sustainable practices drives us to constantly enhance outdoor comfort,” said AshLee Anderson, Director of Ecommerce and Digital Marketing at Rumpl. “Teaming up with Nogin gives us the tools we need to amplify that mission, leveraging Nogin’s all-in-one CaaS solution to elevate Rumpl’s D2C experience as part of a broader strategy of expanding our product line. With Nogin handling the ecommerce side of the equation, we can keep our focus on delivering best-in-class products, scaling our business as we continue to reimagine the outdoor comfort category.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Rumpl in their journey to elevate the outdoor experience for adventurers around the world,” said Shahriyar Rahmati, COO and CFO at Nogin. “With Nogin’s Intelligent Commerce technology and ecommerce expertise, we have the unique capabilities to drive Rumpl’s D2C expansion, leveraging AI-driven strategies to enhance customer engagement and maximize growth. Together, we can cement Rumpl’s position as a pioneering leader within the realm of technical blankets and outdoor products.”

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About Nogin
Nogin (Nasdaq: NOGN, NOGNW), the Intelligent Commerce company, provides the world’s leading enterprise-class ecommerce technology and services for brand leaders that need to deliver superior growth with predictable costs and an exceptional online experience. The Nogin Intelligent Commerce technology is a cloud-based ecommerce environment purpose-built for brands selling direct-to-consumer (D2C) and business-to-business (B2B). Nogin frees its customers to focus on their business while running as much or as little of the digital commerce infrastructure as they choose. Founded in 2010, Nogin optimizes the entire ecommerce lifecycle for a variety of brands, such as Giordano’s Pizza, bebe, Brookstone, Hurley, and Kenneth Cole, as well as several B2B brands and marketplaces. To learn more, visit or follow us on LinkedIn and on Twitter at @Nogincommerce.

About Rumpl
Based in Portland, Oregon, Rumpl makes Blankets for Everywhere. Utilizing material technologies commonly found in activewear and outdoor gear, Rumpl aims to modernize the everyday blanket. Rumpl’s high-quality, versatile blankets keep you comfortable no matter where you are. The materials have been tested and proven in harsh environments, yet specifically selected for comfort and durability. Rumpl believes the blanket you use every day deserves the same attention to detail as a sleeping bag you might use ten times a year. The end result is a premium and multi-purpose blanket that can be used anywhere you go… or when you don’t go anywhere.

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