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Create an ecommerce store that converts on social media

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Why we love

Simplicity DX

1. AI-Powered Platform:

Our clients can use Simplicity DX’s Edge Shopping Platform to build storefronts for every campaign, on any media channel – reducing customer acquisition costs significantly.

2. Make your social media content shoppable:

Simplicity DX provides an easy way to reach shoppers by merging social media content with ecommerce services – meaning any social media campaign can be turned into a shopping experience.

3. Lower bounce rates:

Using SimplicityDX, our clients can reduce the bounce rate of landing traffic leads, which ultimately means more traffic flowing down the conversion funnel and an increase in revenue.

Simplify the way you reach shoppers on social media with Simplicity DX

Together with Simplicity DX, Nogin can turn every social media campaign into a shopping experience, which will lower your bounce rates and increase your revenue.

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Migrate to Shopify Plus with Nogin, at No Upfront Cost. 

When you work with Nogin, we’ll help you migrate to Shopify Plus at no upfront cost to you. Our Intelligent Commerce technology compliments and enhances all the features we already love about Shopify Plus so you can keep building on your momentum, without worrying about the need to ever replatform again.