How to Create The Ultimate E-commerce Experience With CaaS Technology

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As the chatter about an upcoming recession grows louder, we understand the overwhelming feeling of being at the crest of an economic downturn, especially for ecommerce brand owners. As consumers tighten their spending, meeting top ecommerce KPIs and scaling online businesses can become more challenging.

However, Nogin offers a comprehensive solution to help you thrive through market fluctuations without requiring any up-front investment. With Nogin, you can gain the technology stack, enterprise capabilities, and team you need to grow profitably, even during a recession. 

Let us show you how our unique approach to ecommerce, Commerce-as-a-Service, gives you everything you need to compete in a challenging online marketplace.

The Typical Solutions That Don’t Solve Your Main Problem: Increasing Revenue While Lowering Operating Expenses

Are you tired of struggling to convert customers, despite having a well-funded budget for Google and social media marketing? You’re not alone. A mere 2.3% of US ecommerce website visits convert into purchases. Despite pouring money into marketing, you may be disappointed by the low returns on investment. It can be frustrating, leaving you to search for other solutions.

Trying to increase sales by adding the latest apps may also seem like a good idea. But, in reality, these apps often create more problems than solutions. They can clash with your existing apps, cause new bugs, slow down your website’s load speed, and lead to other hiccups that you’ll need to address down the road.

Furthermore, building out your ecommerce technology stack requires hiring contractors and ecommerce specialists to find and install apps, as well as manage your application ecosystem. This can cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, making it an unfeasible option for many brands stuck on entry-level platforms and unable to afford the exorbitant upfront costs to switch to enterprise.

But in order to compete in the modern online marketplace, you need enterprise technology and capabilities. Starter ecommerce platforms often have limitations and lack the advanced tools needed to segment your customers and deliver personalized shopping experiences. Every customer is treated the same way, and you cannot utilize your data to segment your audience or deploy tactics that nurture them down your conversion funnel

It is nearly impossible for mid-market retailers to keep up with big retailers in terms of spending, integration, staff, and expertise using current technology solutions that have not advanced at the same rate. 

You will have to find another approach if you want any hope of competing with Amazon and other ecommerce giants. 

The Elephant in the Room

The number of digital buyers worldwide has reached 2.64 billion in 2023, and this trend is expected to continue increasing in the coming years. However, the lion’s share of the profits is going straight to Amazon, which has captured nearly 40% of the US ecommerce market in 2022. The other top 14 retailers account for 31% of total online retail sales in the country, leaving the rest of the market to fight over the remaining 29.5% of the ecommerce pie.

So, how did Amazon reach such heights and generate nearly $1 trillion in ecommerce sales in 2022 alone? It’s because they constantly push towards innovation by leveraging customer data to systematically improve the user shopping experience. They have an extensive team of ecommerce experts testing new tactics to increase profitability while lowering acquisition costs. Even if you spend millions on development each year, keeping up is impossible. 

Most independent brands simply don’t have the team, technology, and resources to compete with big retail behemoths. If you want to level the playing field, you must find a way to deliver a comparable experience to big retailers. So, how can we help you face this “elephant in the room?” We’re glad you asked.

The Scalable, Profitable, and Affordable Way Brands Can Win D2C Commerce

Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of ecommerce tools and apps can be daunting. With new tools and hundreds of apps to choose from, it’s challenging to determine the best way to scale your online business. Questions abound: What should your tech stack include? Who built it? Who’s managing your store and running tests? Are you using customer data to improve your business? Do you really want the responsibility of building your tech stack, or would you rather access the best one managed by a team of ecommerce experts?

Nogin offers a unique solution for online retailers that addresses all critical business issues from the top down. It’s a vastly different approach to ecommerce, providing an alternative option for independent brands looking to accelerate their growth.

Grow Fast Using CaaS

Nogin’s Commerce-as-a-Service (CaaS) technology is built on Shopify Plus and arms brands with the power of big data to fight big retail. By using our platform, you’ll have access to an omnichannel infrastructure that seamlessly integrates all the moving components of your business. Additionally, our comprehensive technology stack allows you to build an enterprise-class shopping experience while our ecommerce experts provide complete support. We aim to help you increase sales by optimizing your customer journey and streamlining your operation without the added burden of coordinating between multiple agencies and systems.

At Nogin, we’ve adopted an intelligent approach to ecommerce, similar to how Tesla vehicles are connected to a centralized data network to receive updates and improve the driving experience. Our clients can connect to our CaaS platform, which provides access to a technology stack that is updated daily and helps you sell more while lowering operating expenses. You can manage it independently or use our team of ecommerce experts to oversee your online shopping experience.  

Juggling between multiple agencies, SaaS providers, and system integrators can lead to high costs, inefficiencies, and stagnation. By connecting to Intelligent Commerce, you can easily optimize your entire online operation without draining your budget.

Luminate + Intelligent Commerce = The Ultimate Online Shopping Experience

Every great brand deserves a beautiful front-end experience. Our enhanced Shopify theme, Luminate, features the best-in-class Shopify apps, partner integrations, and other exclusive tools developed by Nogin. We’ve conducted extensive testing and fine-tuned every moving part to ensure maximum performance and seamless integration.

Our team of developers and ecommerce experts continuously improves Luminate based on valuable insights gained from managing over 150 successful brands with a total Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) exceeding $1 billion. Trust that every aspect of our technology stack is designed to drive growth and get customers to click “buy now.”

Intelligent Commerce also provides advanced features such as AI-powered customer segmentation, algorithmic merchandising, and smart promotion optimization to enhance your customers’ online shopping experience with personalization tactics that convert. 

When you harness the power of Luminate and Intelligent Commerce, you will streamline your operations, enhance your customer experience, and boost your sales. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple apps and integrations – with Nogin, it’s all seamlessly provided into one cohesive solution. 

Ready to Try a Smarter Way to Do Ecommerce?

The move to enterprise doesn’t have to cost millions. In fact, it doesn’t have to cost anything at all. 

With Nogin, you’ll have access to the world-leading enterprise tech and resources you need to compete with Amazon and big retail, derisk your P&L, and drive superior growth without any upfront costs. Instead of spending millions or waiting years to migrate to an enterprise platform, you can migrate to our Intelligent Commerce solution in under eight weeks. Our CaaS approach will free your team to focus on your brand while running as much or as little of the infrastructure as you choose. 

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Nogin is the smarter way to sell online because you gain:

  • All the capabilities of a $5 million enterprise deployment in a single platform
  • Active traffic, storefront, and microservices to drive incremental lift on day one
  • Zero upfront, no ongoing SI costs, no more monthly agency fees
  • Constant research and development with automatic updates—never have to replatform again
  • Super modules driving future growth only the largest online retailers can afford
  • All the simplicity, flexibility, and apps of Shopify

Learn more about the research and data behind a CaaS business model and download the Coresight Research Reports below: 

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